Transport & Logistics

Industry-relevant courses will improve workplace efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Industry-relevant courses will improve workplace efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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  • Certificate III in Driving Operations
    TLI31222 Certificate III in Driving Operations
    This qualification involves a defined range of skilled operations, usually within a range of broader related activities involving known routines, methods and procedures, with
  • BSB41419 - 2-min
    BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
    A workplace health and safety management system can minimise the risk of injury and illness from workplace operations. It is one of the most effective ways to make sure health
  • Certificate
    TLI30321 Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations
    Supply chain operations is one of the most important career paths in Australia right now. It is a growing industry with more and more consumers shopping online, and millions a

With more customers opting to shop online, it’s never been more important to improve your employees handling, stocktake, receival and dispatch, and health and safety practices
Our courses will provide your workforce with comprehensive and relevant skills which will improve your business’s output and customer satisfaction.
Potential job outcomes

  • Logistics operator
  • Warehouse operator
  • Supply chain administration officer
  • Supply chain administration operator

In a rapidly growing industry, it’s never been more important to upskill your staff to improve workplace efficiency from start to finish.
Our courses, which are delivered by expert trainers with industry and up-to-date knowledge, come to your workplace to train your staff — meaning your business won’t miss an order.
More benefits:

  • Increase productivity and workplace efficiency
  • Grow staff confidence, skills and practice
  • Improve workplace morale and job satisfaction
  • Produce staff willing to take on higher responsibilities

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The importance of transport and logistics has never been more important with consumers opting to shop online now more than ever.

iTFE’s trainers, who are experts in their field, will ensure the success of your business by equipping your workforce with hands-on experience and up-to-date training. Our trainers will also help your staff become better equipped to meet growing demand.

Our courses will also qualify your workforce with our range of logistics and transport courses that specialise in improving technical skills which will increase efficiency from start to finish.

What an iTFE training and logistics course will give you:
Our seasoned experts will guide and support your workforce through every step, from face-to-face assessments to online check-ins, while your employees learn practical skills on the job.

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