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A number of iTFE’s certificate courses include a work placement requirement, which helps you apply classroom learning into practice. Work placement is a great experience for students as it literally gets your foot in the door and the majority of our students find long-term work almost immediately after starting work placement.

Your workplace time requirement varies from certificate to certificate and you’ll need to complete a number of study units before you start a work placement. For most courses this will include work health and safety training. Below is a list of iTFE certificate courses that require work placement to complete your studies.

Making the most of your work placement

You will be required to complete your work placement as specified in the work placement agreement. If you want to change the agreed hours or conditions of the work, this is done in consultation with the course coordinator trainer and the host organisation. Any changes will be amended in the work placement agreement and authorised by all parties.

Your attendance during the work placement will be recorded in your ‘iTFE work placement passport’.

We will maintain regular contact with you and your host organisation to make sure you are getting appropriate support and guidance in completing your workplace tasks.

Qualified trainers and assessors will usually undertake an assessment of required practical skills. Some assessment tasks may be performed by the host organisation, such as observing you in the workplace, but will be signed off by a qualified iTFE assessor.

How it works

1. Find a workplace

The first step is to a workplace that is able to be the host organisation for your work placement requirement. If you can’t find a suitable workplace, we may be able to help you find a work placement position through our industry networks.



2. iTFE contacts the selected workplace

iTFE will contact your chosen workplace to ensure that they will be able to comply with your course requirements. We will review their supervision process, work health and safety standards and ensure that Australian Skills Quality Authority regulatory requirements will be able to be met during your work placement.

This process might involve a site visit to check the workplace is appropriate and able to comply with the requirements.

3. A ‘work placement agreement’ is signed.

On successful screening, a work placement agreement is signed by iTFE, the host organisation, and you. This document specifies everybody’s roles and responsibilities, the hours in which the work placement will take place and the total hours required to complete the outcomes of the specified units of competency.

A workplace induction is also organised so you can become familiar with the workplace and meet your hosts and colleagues before you start. The induction is usually conducted by the host organisation as part of your work placement agreement.

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