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Supply Chain Pick/Pack Operations

Micro-credential overview

Warehouse Supply Chain Pick/Pack Operators require a developed skill set beyond an entry level packer, and is required to understand warehouse layouts, where goods are stored, the principles of stock storage and rotation, and how the Warehouse Management System (WMS) works. An awareness of Chain of Responsibility (CoR), traffic management plans, conducting hazardous manual tasks and other site specific standard operating procedures are critical for Supply Chain Pick/Pack Operators who have accountability for safety of themselves and others in the workplace.

This micro-credential aims to upskill and equip warehouse workers through completion of the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand Chain of Responsibility and apply this knowledge to ensure heavy vehicle safety
  • Operate unlicensed mobile handling equipment (MHE) including pallet jacks, pallet runners and man up order pickers
  • Understand a warehouse management system (WMS) and the principles of stock storage and rotation
  • Use radio frequency identification (RF) scanning systems, voice-to-pick systems and pick slips in a warehouse environment to manage the selection and movement of goods
  • Understand and apply safe practices for hazardous manual tasks
  • Pick complete warehouse orders accurately, competently, and safely, with minimal to no supervision; and
  • Interpret and apply site-specific standard operating procedures relative to supply chain pick/pack operator positions.

The material for this course has been designed for students who are at the first stage of skill acquisition and have some prior basic knowledge or experience with the subject.

Micro-credentials are short, targeted training courses of about 40 hours each.



New Education and Training Model (NETM)

The Western Parkland City is home to one third of Sydney's rapidly growing workforce and is made up of the following areas: Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains, Penrith, Fairfield, Liverpool, Camden, Campbelltown and Wollondilly. The New Education and Training Model (NETM) was designed in partnership with industry, universities, vocational education and training (VET) providers and government to upskill employees with industry-led micro-credentials.

The NETM micro-credentials are flexible, short and targeted enabling employees to gain the necessary skills to advance their career.

iTFE are proud to partner with NETM in delivering the Supply Chain Pick/Pack Operations micro-credential.


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