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September 25, 2017

Glowing recommendation for past aged care student Trinh

Congratulations to one of our aged care graduates, Trinh Phan for making an excellent start in her career! Her company’s September newsletter featured a message received from one of Trinh’s clients. This client expressed how grateful they are to Trinh, and highly recommend her for her skills and initiative. 

“I could not have been more fortunate in the network’s allocation of a carer for me. Trinh has displayed qualities beyond the call of duty, her intelligence enabling her to anticipate problems and to exercise initiative. “

“I will really miss her help now that the contract has ended. I can highly recommend Trinh.” 

We love hearing stories such as this. Receiving feedback like Trinh’s is why we do what we do, helping people to enter and excel in the careers they are passionate about is a very rewarding process. 

Read the full recommendation letter

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