First Aid Institute Australia


First Aid Institute Australia

Bringing Affordable First Aid Training To Australia


First Aid Institute Australia places first aid education and training solutions within the reach of every Australian

Australia has an abundance of beautiful - but dangerous wildlife. We'd be wasting a gift from mother nature if we didn't explore the amazing landscapes of Australia, so it's necessary that Australian citizens be well educated on how to respond to an emergency situation in the likely event that one may happen. 

First Aid Institute Australia is nationally recognised training provider for First Aid, Anaphylaxis, and CPR courses. With a strong emphasis on making Australia a safer place, FAIA has delivered first aid training solutions in some of the biggest cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and more - along with the smallest and most remote country towns. From Broken Hill of New South Wales to the inner City of Sydney, First Aid Institute Australia knows no bound or limit. 

Make this year the year that you learn to resuscitate with a nationally accredited course in First Aid and CPR with First Aid Institute Australia. 

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Last Updated on Monday, 21 September 2015

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