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Computer Training Australia

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Computer Training Australia brings computer and IT education to every corner of Australia

Australia's Gen Y population are flying ahead with their understanding of computers and information technology (IT). This is great for our nation's skill level, but if you're a little older and don't fall in to the Gen Y category then understanding computers can be like learning a different language. Computer Training Australia brings computer experts with industry experience in IT together with structured training that's easy to understand then places the two together. The result is a hierarchy of nationally accredited courses that offer individuals the opportunity to learn and embrace the computer age regardless of their existing understanding of computers or IT. 

Computer Training Australia doesn't just stop at the fundamentals. CTA offers a range of nationally accredited courses, with everything from advanced courses in IT to the simple no-experience needed basics. 

From everyone at Computer Training Australia, challenge yourself this year and consider a course in computers at one of our many training centres across Australia. We can't wait to meet you in class. 

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Last Updated on Friday, 4 September 2015