Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning - RPL

If you wish to have your prior experiences recognised formerly then you will need to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Generally this is a matter of completing an RPL document on the day or during your course.

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Recognition of Prior Learning - Policy

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure appropriate compliance with AQTF Standard 5 that requires The Institute of Training and Further Education to recognise (and therefore accept) Qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by other RTOs. All Qualifications, Statements of attainment and prior learning is authenticated as part of the RPL process.

All Participants will be afforded the opportunity to have their prior learning recognised.

Cross Department Application

This policy is applicable across all departments (subsidiaries) under the Institute of Training and Further Education. For a list of the departments under The Institute of Training and Further Education please visit our Departments page.

Process of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

  • All new Participants are to receive a training program outline (specific to them) listing the competencies to be developed/assessed during the program.
  • Participants are to receive a copy of the The Institute of Training and Further Education RPL/CT Application Form (at enrolment). It is the markets responsibility to explain the process and assist the Participant complete an application for RPL.

The Participant will then:

  • Complete the application for RPL, outlining their reasons for the application with supporting evidence – statements of attainment, evidence of units covered, life skills, job descriptions, and references.
  • Lodge their application with their evidence with the trainer / assessor.
  • The trainer / assessor must lodge the application in a timely manner (within seven days) to the appointed training administrator or other designated officer.
  • The designated person is required to review and make a decision on the application within seven days of having received the application.
  • Applications for RPL may require a follow up interview. This may include viewing of previous work and examples, and a workplace assessment
  • Those units granted RPL status are listed on the Participant’s record. The Participant will be notified within seven days.
  • The Participant will be advised of those units not successful and the reasons why.
  • The Participant may apply to The Institute of Training and Further Education CEO for a reassessment

Management of the Recognition of Prior Learning system:

The Institute of Training and Further Education uses a qualified person/s to assess Participants’ RPL applications.

A qualified person means a person holding the necessary qualifications for certification of RPL. The RPL recognition assessor will work with the appropriate staff and "contents experts" such as chefs and current workplace manager to assess staff against the national training package competencies.

If the RPL recognition assessor is unable to undertake the RPL/Workplace Assessment, The Institute of Training and Further Education will then employ industry consultants with the appropriate experience and qualifications.

All records will be kept for review and verification by The Institute of Training and Further Education for a seven (7) year period.



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