Access and Equity


To maximise access, participation and outcomes for all students attending training courses with the Institute of Training and Further Education or any of its department training providers. 


This policy is based on the following principles:
Equity for all people through the fair allocation of resources and involvement in vocational education and training.
Equality of opportunity within the system for all people.
Access for all applicants to appropriate, quality vocational education and training programs and services  and
Increased opportunity for people to participate in the VET system.


With these principles forming the basis for action, the objectives are:
To incorporate access and equity principles and practices in key processes which affect the outcomes for students and clients in the VET system, eg design of training packages and staff development.
To achieve equitable access to vocational educational and training services and programs for all present and potential students and clients.
To increase participation in relevant decision-making processes within the VET system from people from under-represented groups.
To encourage positive outcomes for students and clients of vocational education and training by developing processes that will enable them to participate successfully in the VET system.
To develop quality support services which enhance clients and student’s chances to achieve positive outcomes.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 1 April 2015